Jeffrey Lewis

No, the U.S. Doesn't Have Plans to Nuke North Korea

Where did the idea for a "nuclear umbrella" come from, anyway?

At this point, you've probably heard plenty about Leon Panetta's new book, Worthy Fights.

But it's not just in Beltway foreign-policy circles that Panetta's memoir of his time as President Obama's secretary of defense has caused a stir. The book is a hot-button issue in northeast Asia, too, with several South Korean newspapers claiming Panetta considered the use of nuclear weapons against North Korea in 2011. The JoongAng Daily, for example, headlined its article "Leon Panetta reveals nuke plan for South Korea." The Hankyoreh, a Seoul-based daily newspaper, titled its story "Leon Panetta's memoirs tells of willingness to use nukes in Korea."

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Fight Club: Israel Nuke Edition

The first rule of Israel's nuclear arsenal is that there is no Israeli nuclear arsenal.

Pssst. Come closer. I'm going to let you in on one of the U.S. government's most closely guarded secrets.

Make sure you are sitting down, because what I am going to tell you will blow your mind. This is so close-hold that if a U.S. government official were to so much breathe a word about this, she should would lose her job. Ready?

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We Don't Want to See Iran's Full Monty

Why forcing Tehran to reveal all about its nuclear past is not only TMI but totally unnecessary and potentially devastating.

Not so long ago, the editors at Jezebel wrote a helpful guide for men entitled, "Should You Send a Lady a Dick Pic? A Guide for Men."

As you might guess, the answer is always no. Yes, the ladies know you have one. She still doesn't want to see it, OK?

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A Boy and His Toys

Yep, Putin just threatened to use his nukes. Now it’s time for Washington to decide on a time-out for the Russian president.

I think the critics have it all wrong: The big reset button that Hilary Clinton handed to Sergei Lavrov in 2008 worked perfectly -- it's just that some joker set it to 1968. And there is no better sign of the deepening cold war between Moscow and the West than the fact that Putin just threatened to nuke us in front of a bunch of schoolteachers.

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Frequent Flyer Diplomacy and the Plane to Pyongyang

Secretary of State John Kerry needs to pay Kim Jong Un a visit. Because North Korea is muscling up and the Obama administration's "strategic patience" isn't working.

John Kerry is often accused of "frequent flyer" diplomacy. Now, every secretary of state has been accused of relying too much on travel except for, of course, those secretaries who have been criticized for traveling too little. They can't win either way. Taking criticism for travel schedules is as old as Dwight D. Eisenhower telling his secretary of state, John Foster Dulles: "Don't just do something, Foster; stand there." There is a reason that the State Department publishes a "Travels of the Secretary" volume and modern cabinet memoirs are little more than limp travelogues masquerading as policy tomes. (Oh, really, you got past page 33 of Clinton's Hard Choices? Liar.)

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