Why Cluster Bombs Are so Deadly for Civilian Populations

Cluster bombs inflict heavy civilian casualties, giving the weapons a reputation as an indiscriminate killer that should be outlawed. But according to a Human Rights Watch report released Tuesday, Ukrainian government forces used cluster munitions in the city of Donetsk in early October. That, the report warns, may constitute a war crime.

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Sweden's Military Calls Sub's Breach of Waters 'Fucked Up'

The Swedish Navy continues to stalk the waters off the coast of its capital for a foreign -- all but certainly Russian -- submarine, and the country's military brass on Tuesday sounded an exasperated note to describe the unsuccessful hunt. "This is very serious," Sverker Göransson, the country's top military commander, told reporters. "I would even go so far as to say," he continued, "to say that it's fucked up."  

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The Banksy of Donetsk Documents His Torture

When Sergey Zakharov first put up art installations and graffiti satirizing pro-Russian fighters in his native Donetsk he expected a backlash, but he didn't expect to spend the next six weeks being tortured. Now safe in Kiev and working on an illustrated book about his ordeal, Zakharov spoke to Foreign Policy about life in Donetsk and his time in captivity.

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