Getting Whipped by Cossacks Makes for a Great Music Video

Pussy Riot are some of the most brilliant activists working today.

On Wednesday, the feminist punk collective -- or at least some of them -- were in Sochi filming their latest music video when they were attacked by a Cossack brandishing a whip. Yes, that's right, Russia's most prominent feminist activists were indeed attacked by that symbol of Old Russia carrying that eternal symbol of oppression, a whip. And they had come to Sochi to film a music video for a song about the repression they and other activists experience in Vladimir Putin's Russia. They could not have asked for a better visual metaphor. 

And, so, no more than a day after it all went down, here is the video for their song "Putin will teach you how to love," featuring, yes, a Cossack whipping the women of Pussy Riot:

For the non-Russian speakers out there, here are the lyrics

50 billion and a gay-driven rainbow,
Rodnina and Kabaeva will pass you those flames
In prison they will teach you how to obey
Salut to all bosses, hail, duce!

Putin will teach you how to love the motherland

Sochi is blocked -- Olympic surveillance
Special forces, weapons, crowds of cops
FSB is an argument, the police is an argument
State TV will run your applause.

Putin will teach you how to love the motherland

Spring to Russia comes suddenly
Hello to the messiah as a shot from Avrora
The prosecutor will put you down
Give him some reaction and not those pretty eyes

A cage for the protests, vodka, matrioshka
Prison for May 6, more vodka and caviar
The Constitution is lynched, Vitishko's in prison
Stability, the prison meal, the fence and the watchtower

For TV Rain they've shut down the airwaves
They took gay pride down the washroom
A two-ass toilet -- a priority
Sentence to Russia, medium security, six years

Putin will teach you how to love the motherland

The motherland
The motherland
The motherland



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