Political risk must-reads

Eurasia Group's weekly selection of essential reading for the political risk junkie -- presented in no particular order. As always, feel free to give us your feedback or selections by tweeting at us via @EurasiaGroup or @ianbremmer.

"Under Hamas, No More Coed Classes in Gaza"
Costanza Spocci and Eleanora Vio, the Atlantic
In April, a law passed in Gaza segregates boys' and girls' education after age 9. Is this another symptom of "Hamasization"?

"Paris mayoral race to produce a female leader"
Sylvie Corbet, Associated Press
While the Paris mayoral race is neck and neck, one thing is certain: For the first time in the city's long history, a woman will be mayor.

"François Hollande raises alarm over Europe's young jobless"
Hugh Carnegy, Financial Times
French President François Hollande wants the EU to "act urgently" to fix the youth unemployment epidemic. With the EU jobless rate for under-25s at 23.5 percent in March -- and as high as 59 percent in Greece and 55 percent in Spain -- his concerns are hard to ignore.

"By Inserting Itself Into Syrian War, Hezbollah Makes Dramatic Gamble"
Anne Barnard, New York Times
What are Hezbollah's motives for publicly doubling down on its support for Bashar al-Assad's regime?

"Why Bangkok is the world's number one tourist destination"
Jake Maxwell Watts, Quartz
Is an influx of Chinese visitors the reason why Bangkok has become the No. 1 tourist city in the world?

"Political Idol"
Fernande van Tets, Foreign Policy
Reality TV contests -- a political American Idol, where the winner gets a national platform for spawning a political career -- have sprung up in Lebanon and Palestine. Is this pop-cultural gimmickry or an outlet for youth and female political expression in states that are not built for it? After all, the average age of the main Lebanese political leaders is around 70, and 40 percent of the Lebanese population is under 25. Currently, only four of Lebanon's 128 MPs are women, and all of them hail from political dynasties.


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