Dennis Rodman calls on Kim Jong Un to do him 'a solid' and release American detainee


Over the weekend, North Korea insisted that it would not use Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for committing "hostile acts" against the government, as a bargaining chip, despite its track record of only releasing American prisoners after visits by luminaries such as Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Pyongyang "has no plan to invite anyone of the U.S. as regards the issue," a spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry declared.

But how about if Dennis Rodman tweets at Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and asks his new pal to do him a solid? On Tuesday, the former NBA star, fresh off his wild trip to North Korea, got into the bargaining game on Twitter:



At least one person anticipated this. In an op-ed for the Seattle Times on Friday, Thanh Tan urged Rodman to call for Bae's release on Twitter. If that's what it takes to free the American prisoner, we've truly entered a whole new era of diplomacy.

Update: It turns out Rodman's plea was in response to the Seattle Times op-ed. He followed up on Twitter to note he "decided to help" after reading the article. It's unclear if Kim Jong Un is also a Seattle Times reader.



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Ecuador's supermarket-brawling ambassador resigns

Peru and Ecuador agreed Tuesday to recall their respective ambassadors and name new individuals to the posts amid a diplomatic row that erupted after the Ecuadorean ambassador to Peru managed to get into a fight with two women in a supermarket checkout line. 

As my colleague Ty McCormick noted, it initially seemed that Rodrigo Riofrío would survive the debacle -- that, inexplicably, an ambassador could retain his post after swatting citizens of his host country with a rolled-up magazine. But it wasn't meant to be. Peruvian news stations have been playing clips of the fight non-stop, and the country's first lady even weighed in, saying that "aggression against women should not be tolerated." Ecuador's Foreign Ministry announced today that Riofrío, who had enjoyed a "distinguished diplomatic career," will be assigned to "another country" -- presumably one far, far away from Peru and its supermarkets.

Here's footage of the incident in question:

The real victim in all of this, however, seems to be the Peruvian ambassador to Ecuador. He's now out of a job because his counterpart got too feisty while trying to pick up some groceries.

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