London Mayor Boris Johnson's Twitter Q&A was about as weird as you'd expect

London's garrulous Mayor Boris Johnson (yes, the guy who got stuck on a zipline over Victoria Park last year), took to Twitter Friday to answer questions from his followers, sparking a discussion that ranged from the sex appeal of camels, to the Iliad, to the mayor's favorite variety of cake. It's all a day in the life of Britain's most flamboyant politician, a man many observers of British politics think could one day become the country's prime minister. Though he used to deny it, he's now admitted he may seek the office, declaring in characteristic style that "if the ball came loose from the back of a scrum, it would be a great thing to have a crack at."

Judging by today's Twitter conversation, he'd certainly spice things up a bit at 10 Downing Street. Here are the highlights.

Boris, on camels: 

Boris, on cake:

Boris, on literature:

Boris, on bike sharing: 

Boris, on his political future ["Jo" is Boris' brother, who was just appointed the head of David Cameron's policy unit]:

Boris, just keep doing what you're doing. Editors the world over are thanking you daily for the service you provide in filling column inches.



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