The best photograph of Cyprus's nonexistent bank run

We here at Foreign Policy had been preparing for the day Cyprus's banks reopened by collecting pictures of bank runs from around the world -- on the chance that this morning we'd wake up to long lines of frantic depositors.

But with headlines like "Euro Rises Amid Cyprus Calm"  and "All Is Calm as Cyprus Banks Re-Open After 12 Days," that idea has sort of fizzled out. (Come back to this space next time there really is a bank run, though, for some great pictures!)

So instead, we present you with this: a Cyprus so calm that a man feels comfortable standing in front of a bank with a parrot on his head. 


Yiannis Kourtoglou/AFP/Getty Images


The new Burma in one photo

The presence of Aung San Suu Kyi in the front row of a military parade (above, next to Major General Zaw Win) earlier today was stunning to many observers: both for how unthinkable her presence would have been just a few years ago (she was locked up in her house, after all -- by the military), and for how far Aung San Suu Kyi appears willing to go to reconcile with an institution still distrusted by many of her fellow Burmese. (See this slide show of Burmese political cartoons in FP for one perspective on how 'reformed' the military and the government in Burma really are). On the same day the military announced its plans to retain a role in politics for the near future

Does The Lady's presence underscore how much has changed in Burma since her house arrest, or does it highlight how much power the military still has? Probably both. One thing for sure: the photo above is an amazing sight.