Youth group produces ultimate Putin meme mash-up... with sexy ladies, of course

The New York Times reports that in honor of Russian President Vladimir Putin's birthday, "The Young Guard of the governing United Russia party released a video portraying Mr. Putin as a sex symbol fawned over by young women." But that description doesn't really do this bizarre concoction justice. 

The video is actually a reenactment of all of Putin's greatest PR stunts... but with fresh-faced young United Russia beauties instead of a middle-aged bald guy. We see one riding a horse through a meadow, another behind the controls of a fighter jet, one emerging from the sea with a Grecian urn, and one beating America at hockey and making some unidentified black guy sad. (Wonder who that could represent?) Then they all receive text messages accompanied by a soundtrack of Putin singing Blueberry Hill. (I'm disappointed that they don't have one of the ladies harpooning a whale but I guess they were on a budget.

Just watch it (Probably safe for work but you might get some odd looks): 


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