Alicia Silverstone writes to Putin, demands vegan meals for Pussy Riot defendant

Via, frequent FP contributor Shaun Walker on Twitter, I see that the PETA UK site is hosting a letter from Alicia Silverstone to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which addresses the real priority in the Pussy Riot trial. The Clueless star writes:

Dear President Putin,
I have been following the trial involving three members of the band Pussy Riot. As a
vegan myself, I was deeply concerned to learn that one of the women, Maria Alekhina,
who is a vegan, reportedly collapsed from hunger during a court session. I respectfully
request you to ensure that vegan meals are available to Ms. Alekhina—and all prisoners.
Regardless of the trial and its outcome, I’m sure you can agree that everyone has the right
to show compassion and refrain from harming animals by being vegan. May I please
have your assurance that Ms. Alekhina will have access to vegan foods? Thank you for
your time and attention to this urgent matter.

Yup, it's August.  

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images


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