Romney: America won't decline like Japan

Not sure if it's quite fair to say Romney "took a shot" at Japan here, but he's not exactly complimentary toward the staunch U.S. ally. Buzzfeed's Jake Miller writes

NEW YORK — At a fundraiser this morning, Mitt Romney took a shot at Japan, saying that country's economic decline is not a path the United States will follow under his leadership.

"We are not Japan," he told donors at a $2,500-a-plate fundraiser. "We are not going to be a nation that suffers in decline and distress for a decade or a century. We’re on the cusp of a very different economic future than the one people have seen over the past three years."

One country Romney seems pretty determined not to offend is Poland. In this new ad seemingly aimed at Catholic voters, he praises John Paul II and touts his "endorsement" from former President Lech Walesa.

No one can accuse Romney of forgetting Poland.


Rogozin vs. Madonna

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has never really been known for self-censorship. He treated his former post as Russian ambassador to NATO as a kind of political performance art, denouncing the group's activities and posting off-color musings and home movies on his Twitter feed. 

He's been a bit more circumspect since returning to Moscow as deputy prime minister, but Madonna's recent statement on behalf of Pussy Riot -- the pop singer donned the group's signature balaclava at a concert in Moscow and said she'd “pray for them” -- apparently pushed him too far. Rogozin took once again to Twitter, writing "Every former w. who has aged wants to give lectures about morals, especially during tours and gigs abroad," using an abbreviated form of the Russian word for whore.

This is probably exactly the sort of thing Madonna was hoping for.