Greek far-right spokesman assaults rival on TV

If Greece's Golden Dawn party is looking to change its prevailing image as a cadre of neo-Nazi thugs, spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris evidently didn't get the memo

What was a heated debate over the June 17 elections descended into chaos when Kasidiaris threw a glass of water at the female leftist party member, Rena Dourou, calling her a "joke".

As other participants watched in stunned silence, Communist party deputy Liana Kanelli intervened on her behalf, throwing a newspaper at Kasidiaris, who called her a "commie", stood up, pushed her and hit her hard in the face.

Kasidiaris was locked in a room in the TV studio but broke down the door and escaped police are now looking for him. 

This isn't the first incident of on-camera violent intimidation by Golden Dawn. In a press conference after the party's surprise victory in the May elections, guards forcibly expelled journalists who refused to stand for party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos.


President of Estonia goes ballistic on Paul Krugman

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves -- the "Dean of the Balts" -- is not happy about a blog post Paul Krugman put up today snarking on the country's newfound status as the "poster child for austerity defenders". The president unleashed on his Twitter account

Let's write about something we know nothing about & be smug, overbearing & patronizing: after all, they're just wogs:

Guess a Nobel in trade means you can pontificate on fiscal matters & declare my country a "wasteland". Must be a Princeton vs Columbia thing [Ilves went to Columbia for undergrad.]

But yes, what do we know? We're just dumb & silly East Europeans. Unenlightened. Someday we too will understand. Nostra culpa.

Let's sh*t on East Europeans: their English is bad, won't respond & actually do what they've agreed to & reelect govts that are responsible.

No response yet from Krugman.