Chinese moviegoers won't get to see Kate Winslet's breasts in 3-D

The 3-D rerelease of James Cameron's Titanic may be breaking box office records in China, but some viewers are upset that one particular scene -- you know the one! -- didn't make it past the censors:

Some were upset about missing out on the romantic but controversial scenes in which Kate Winslet posed nude for sketches. Internet forums and microblogging sites were abuzz with criticism of the censorship.

"I've been waiting almost 15 years, and not for the 3D icebergs," said a post.

Given the hefty $24 ticket price, you can understand the guy's frustration. The official explanation from China's State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television didn't exactly help:

Considering the vivid 3D effects, we fear that viewers may reach out their hands for a touch and thus interrupt other people's viewing. To avoid potential conflicts between viewers and out of consideration of building a harmonious ethical social environment, we've decided to cut off the nudity scenes.

Good news for DVD bootleggers, I guess.  



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