Can anyone agree on what America's 'greatest threat' is?

It's one of the most persistent cliches of foreign-policy commentary, particularly since it's an assertion that's basically impossible to disprove. Here are some things that have been described, in various terms, as the greatest threat to U.S. national security or the American way of life in the past few months:

A "lone-wolf" terrorist attack - President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama - Gov. Rick Perry

China's nuclear arsenal - Director of National Intelligence James Clapper

The national debt - Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen

The economic crisis - Retired Adm. Dennis Blair

Nuclear terrorism - Former Vice President Dick Cheney

Yemen - Defense Secretary Leon Panetta

"Homegrown terror" - U.S. National Counterterrorism Center Director Michael Leiter

Cyber attacks -  FBI Director James Mueller

Iran - 63 percent of Americans 

The Haqqani Network - Christiane Amanpour

Global warming - Sen. Barbara Boxer

Central American drug gangs - Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield

The radical secular socialist machine - Newt Gingrich

Obamacare - Rick Santorum

Electromagnetic Pulse weapons - EMPact America 

The homosexual agenda - The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer

So hard to know what to be most afraid of these days!


Nigeria's youngest government official

This gives new meaning to the phrase cradle-to-grave benefits: 

A one-month old baby, said to hold a diploma, was on the Nigerian government payroll, officials have discovered, exposing the levels to which corruption runs in Africa's most populous country.

The name of the infant was recently found on the payment voucher of a local government council in northern Nigeria during an exercise to fish out ghost employees from a bloated workforce, Garba Gajam, justice commissioner for Zamfara State told AFP late Wednesday.

"In the on-going verification exercise of the payrolls ... in the state we discovered that a month-old baby was among the employees of one local government who is paid a salary," Gajam said.

"What is even more astonishing is that it was indicated in the payroll that the infant holds an ordinary national diploma," said Gajam, revealing that the discovery is a "widespread trend in the local government service where senior officials stuff payrolls with the names of their wives and children".

Smart baby! On the bright side, at one month old, he couldn't have been that corrupt yet.