Bachmann blasts Arab Spring

Yeah...this isn't the "freedom agenda" GOP anymore:

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on Friday  decried the “Arab Spring” that has toppled three dictators and given rise to pro-democracy protests across the Middle East for promoting the “rise of radical elements” across the region.

In a speech to about 400 Republicans gathered for the state party’s fall convention here, the three-term Minnesota congresswoman blamed President Obama for “the hostilities of the Arab spring” and expressed regret that “we saw (Egyptian) President (Hosni) Mubarak fall while President Obama sat on his hands.”

On the other end of the spectrum, recently departed candidate Tim Pawlenty is off to Tunisia to serve as an election monitor. 

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Ahmadinejad: U.S. may have killed bin Laden to protect 'classified information'

The Iranian president just wrapped up his speech.  In contrast to other years, he kept the esoteric Twelver theology to a minimum, but it was still a classic Ahmadinejad speech -- sweeping and conspiracy minded, with few references to current events. He made one interesting reference to the increase in illicit drug trafficking from Afghanistan under NATO's watch. There was a long section on the responsibility of Western nations for the global financial crisis, including a somewhat unexpected endorsement of the gold standard.

Interestingly, despite some perfunctory shots at the "Zionists" and their western supporters, he didn't have much to say on the topic dominated discussion this week -- Palestinian statehood. 

This passage is likely to get the most headlines: 

By  using  their  imperialistic media  network  which  is  under  the  influence  of colonialism  they  threaten  anyone  who  questions  the  Holocaust  and  the September 11  event with sanctions and military action.

Last year, when  the need  to  form  a fact-finding team  to  undertake a  thorough investigation  concerning  the  hidden  elements  involved  in  September  11 incident  was  brought  up;  an  idea  also  endorsed  by  all  independent governments  and  nations  as well  as  by  the majority  in  the United  States, my country  and myself came  under pressure  and  threat by  the  government of  the United States.

Instead of assigning a  fact-finding team,  they killed  the main perpetrator and threw his body into the sea. 

Would  it not have been reasonable to bring to justice and openly bring to  trial the main perpetrator of  the incident in order to identify  the elements behind the safe  space  provided  for  the  invading  aircraft  to  attack  the  twin  world  trade

Why should  it not  have  been  allowed  to  bring  him  to  trial  to  help  recognize
those who  launched  terrorist groups and brought wars and other miseries  into the region?

Is there any classified information that must be kept secret? 

Ahmadinejad didn't mention to the recent upheavals in the Middle East by name, but there were a few subtle references. Likely referring to Libya, Ahmadinejad asked, "Can the flower of democracy blossom from NATO’s missiles, rockets or guns?"

Here's how he closed: 

Today  nations  have  been  awakened.  With  the  increase  in public  awareness they no  longer succumb to oppressions and discriminations.

The world  is  now witnessing more  than  ever,  the widespread  awakening  in Islamic  lands,  in  Asia,  Europe,  and  America.  These  movements  are  ever expanding their spirit everyday and  influence  the pursuit of  the  realization of justice, freedom  and the creation of  a better tomorrow.

Our great nation stands ready to join hands with other nations to march on this beautiful path in harmony and in line with the shared aspirations of mankind.