AidSpeak: A Twitter Dictionary

This past weekend, Bill Easterly, author and former World Bank Economist, put out a challenge over his Twitter to create "witty decoding for development buzzwords" based on the 40 Publishing Buzzwords. That challenge rendered the AidSpeak Dictionary, a compilation of some of the words that Dr. Easterly picked out and put on his website. Some of the highlights include:

"civil society involvement": consulting the middle class employee of aUS or European NGO -@dangay

 "field experience" : I can't bear DC anymore -@MarianaSarastiM

"innovation" : we're sexy, you want to be associated with us -@DarajaTz

"sustainable" : will last at least as long as the funding -@thejoeturner

"tackling root causes of poverty" : repackaging what we've already done in a slightly more sexy font -@thejoeturner


The dictionary comes in time for this weekend's IMF and World Bank meetings. Look for more definitions from Walter Russell Mead's blog or from Dr. Easterly's Twitter.


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