The best Joe Biden quote of the week

Yes, James Traub's in-depth profile of Senator John Kerry in the New York Times Magazine this week is interesting for a number of reasons (the takeaway -- Kerry is a shadow secretary of state), but the quote that makes the article is this gem from Vice President Joe Biden, which Traub calls a "Bidencentric view of Kerry's status":

I don't think there's ever been a chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee who's had as close a relationship with the vice president who's had as close a relationship with the president ... John can see the president any time he wants, but we have all three found that the best interlocutor is me.

Ironically, "The best interlocutor is me" is also the likely title of the vice president's forthcoming autobiography -- at least, that's the one we're lobbying for.

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Friday photo: What a trooper

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - JULY 15: Stormtrooper Jacob French is pictured on day 5 of his over 4,000 kilometre journey from Perth to Sydney walking down Old Mandurah Road on July 15, 2011 in Perth, Australia. French aims to walk 35-40 kilometres a day, 5 days a week, in full Stormtrooper costume until he reaches Sydney. French is walking to raise money for the Starlight Foundation - an organisation that aims to brighten the lives of ill and hostpitalised children in Australia.

Paul Kane/Getty Images