The Arab Spring ... from above

Scenes of protest and war from Bahrain to Libya have become more than familiar over the past six months. Still, these satellite images published today by Stratfor, a risk analysis and geopolitics website and publisher, are striking.

The image above shows Cairo's Tahrir Square on February 11, the day Hosni Mubarak gave up the Egyptian presidency. An estimated 300,000 protesters crammed into downtown Cairo. 

Below, more aerial shots from the Middle East's uprisings.  

An image of the Pearl Roundabout in Manama, Bahrain on February 22, where anti-government protesters camped out, before being driven away in a bloody nighttime raid by security forces.


Tanks near the presidential palace in Sanaa, Yemen on April 12, two months before an attack on the palace severely wounded President Ali Abdullah Saleh. He is currently in Saudi Arabia, recovering from his injuries.

For more satellite images, check out Stratfor's Arab Unrest photo essay




Medvedev's runaway SUV

During a visit to Kazan over the weekend, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's SUV nearly barreled into a large crowd of people after someone forgot to put on the parking break. The president does his best to get the vehicle under control, but the guy behind the camera yelling, "Oh Dmitry Anatolyevich!" doesn't seem too impressed by his efforts.

RFE/RL's TransMission links to another recent video of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin having some difficulty with the transmission of a Lada. And just so you don't think we're only picking on the Russians, be sure to check out Barack Obama's armored limo as it attempts to get over the curb outside the U.S. Embassy in Dublin while bemused Irish spectators crack jokes.