Parcel bombings target Rome embassies

Package bombs have exploded at two embassies in Rome today:

The first explosion, a package bomb at the Swiss Embassy, seriously wounded the person who opened it, police said.

A second bomb exploded at the Chilean Embassy shortly afterwards, wounding one person, who was taken to a hospital, according to police.

And a "suspicious package" was found at the Ukrainian Embassy in the Italian capital, police said, but it turned out not to be dangerous.

Police began their sweeps of all embassies and consulates after the blasts, they said. Many countries have two diplomatic missions in the city -- one to the Italian state and a separate one to the Vatican.

It's obviously still early in this story, but these bombings do seem similar to the explosive packages sent to a number of embassies in Athens in November. Two suspects have been arrested in connection with those bombings, who are believed to be associated with an anarchist group called the Conspiracy of the Fire Nuclei. 

Italy, like Greece, certainly has a history of violent leftist revolutionary movements, but they've been pretty quiet in recent years. 


Video: Fighting the FARC with Christmas

Turns out South Korea isn't the only country trying to use Christmas trees to vanquish a longtime enemy. CNN reports:

This holiday season, the Colombian military is trying a unique angle to get guerrillas to lay down their arms: It is creating Christmas trees deep in the jungle in hopes the holiday spirit will tug the rebels back home.

The first tree of "Operation Christmas" was decorated in the jungle of southern Colombia, the military said.

Two units in two Blackhawk helicopters dropped in on a supply path that the guerrillas are known to use and picked a 25-meter (82-foot) tree to decorate with sparkling blue lights.

I don't mean to get all "bah humbug" here, but I feel that Hollywood may have done the rest of the world a great disservice by instilling in governments a vast overestimation of the power of the Christmas spirit.