Haaretz notwithstanding, Cordoba House still moving forward

The American media has refrained all day from echoing Haaretz's report that the leaders of the Cordoba Initiative, which is planning to construct an Islamic community center in downtown Manhattan, "will soon back down, agreeing to move to a new site." And for good reason: The Haaretz story only said that its report had been confirmed by "sources in New York," which really only narrows it down to approximately 8 million people.

The official Twitter account of Park51, the developer constructing the center, has now stepped in to deny the story. "Reports by Haaretz are completely false," tweeted @Park51. "We are committed to plans of building Park 51 to serve the community of Lower Manhattan.

Score one for American media. And cross Haaretz off your list of sources for news on this story.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images


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