PBR sells for $44 a bottle in China

I can still remember returning to the East Coast from college in the Midwest and finding that dive-bar staple Pabst Blue Ribbon selling for $3-$4 a can. It turns out I had nothing to complain about. In China, a bottle (bottle!) of "Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer 1844" will run you around 3oo RMB or $44. If the magazine ad above is any indication, they seem to be appealing to a slightly different demographic. translates the copy

It's not just Scotch that's put into wooden casks. There's also Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer 1844

As this interview flagged by the New Yorker's Evan Osnos makes clear, it's not exactly the same beer as the watery, slightly metallic-tasting brew we all know and love. Still, $40?

The late Dennis Hopper might not approve, but it's still a promising sign for the No. 1 American-owned beer

Hat tip: Michelle Tsai


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