Medvedev Tweets

Twitter Communications Director Matt Graves writes: 

It's been an exciting morning at Twitter HQ. Russian President Dimitry Medvedev just visited to meet our co-founders, Ev Williams and Biz Stone, launch two official Twitter accounts for the Kremlin (@kremlinrussia in Russian, and @kremlinrussia_e in English), and send his inaugural Tweets.

The English account appears to be a direct translation of the Russian one. 

The twitter feeds adds to the tech-savvy president's already formidable online presence, including a vlog and a livejournal account.  After only five tweets (Example: "San Francisco is a very beautiful city. Heading to Silicon Valley today to visit Apple, Yandex and Cisco.") Medvedev already 7,842 followers on the English account and 10,201 on the Russian one. 

Barack Obama, with whom Medvedev will meet in Washington this week, has already welcomed Medvedev to the twittersphere. Is it too late to start calling it the "retweet button"?


Petraeus in 2006: "A leader’s most important task is to set the right tone."

All eyes are on General David Petreaus this afternoon after the announcement that he'll take over in Afghanistan. Why did Barack Obama pick him? Lots and lots of reasons. But perhaps coincidentally, he also seems to be on the same page with Obama about "tone"... In 2006, writing for the Military Review, he wrote as rule #14 for his lessons learned from Iraq: "A leader’s most important task is to set the right tone."

Here's a bit more:

"Setting the right tone and communicating that tone to his subordinate leaders and troopers are absolutely critical for every leader at every level, especially in an endeavor like that in Iraq. If, for example, a commander clearly emphasizes socalled kinetic operations over non-kinetic operations, his subordinates will do likewise."

Check out FP's interview with Petreaus, as well as his profile as one of our Top Global Thinkers of 2009.