Quiz: Which country has made the most trade complaints at the WTO?

For those of you who don't subscribe to the bimonthly print edition of Foreign Policy, you're missing a great feature: the FP Quiz. It has eight intriguing questions about how the world works.

The question I'd like to highlight this week is:

In the World Trade Organization’s 15 years of operation, which country has made the most trade complaints? (Not including the street protesters.)

a) India    b) Japan    c) United States

Answer after the jump …


C, United States. The biggest complainer at the World Trade Organization (WTO), with 94 trade complaints brought to the WTO's dispute settlement body as of April 21, is the United States. But with 109 complaints against it, it’s also the top recipient. In the WTO's 15-year history (it turned 15 on Jan. 1), its most litigious members have been the United States and the European Union, accounting for 175 of 405 disputes, though in recent years, large emerging economies such as Brazil, Mexico, and India have filed an increasing share of complaints.

And for more questions about how the world works, check out the rest of the FP Quiz.



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