Quiz: How many Wi-Fi hot spots are there in the world?

For those of you who don't subscribe to the bimonthly print edition of Foreign Policy, you're missing a great feature: the FP Quiz. It has eight intriguing questions about how the world works. (And, in honor of World Water Day on March 22, check out our special water quiz from last year.)

The question I'd like to highlight this week is:

How many Wi-Fi hot spots are there in the world?

a) 97,000    b) 197,000    c) 297,000

Answer after the jump ...


C, 297,000. As of March 22, there were 296,732 free and pay Wi-Fi locations in 145 countries, up from 53,700 about five years ago, according to the hot-spot registry maintained by media company JiWire. The United States leads the world with 72,156 hot spots, but other countries have far more per person. Sweden leads the way with 798 hot spots per million people, compared with 235 per million in the United States.

The top 10 countries by number of Wi-Fi hot spots:

  1. United States: 72,156
  2. China: 36,592
  3. Britain: 28,187
  4. France: 26,603
  5. Germany: 14,841
  6. Russia: 14,707
  7. South Korea: 12,817
  8. Japan: 12,101
  9. Sweden: 7,226
  10. Switzerland: 5,542

And for more questions about how the world works, check out the rest of the FP Quiz.



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