Maliki blames Syria for Iraq chaos

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki recently accused Syria of being responsible for the car bomb blasts which killed over 110 people, and injured hundreds more, in Baghdad on Tuesday. This is a repeat of the claims that he made following similar blasts in August and October, which also struck Iraqi government buildings in Baghdad.

Maliki raised eyebrows for previously pointing the finger at Syria, when the released evidence looked less than definitive. However, the fact that he is repeating his claims now shows he has no intention of backing down -- and is an important data point on where Iraq will stand on intra-Arab disputes in the future. Saudi Arabia, for example, has remained intensely skeptical of the Shia-dominated government, and has so far refused to send an ambassador to Baghdad. If the Iraqi government continues to consolidate its authority -- and continues its antagonism towards Syria -- look for that to change.


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