Sweden burns bunnies for warmth

Move over ethanol, there is a new bio-fuel in the world... bunnies.

Thousands of stray rabbits in Sweden are being shot, frozen and then burned for heat. Stockholm even hires rabbit hunters for the task, like Tommy Tuvuynger, a modern day Elmer Fudd.

"We are shooting rabbits in Stockholm center, they are a very big problem," he said. "Once culled, the rabbits are frozen and when we have enough; a contractor comes and takes them away."

Tuvunger is leading the fight to continue sniping bunnies for warmth. Several animal rights groups in Sweden have come out in opposition to the practice, saying that if the rabbits are a problem there are non-lethal ways to deal with them. But Tuvunger is having none of that, "If you do that you only move the problem 100 meters away."



New German government wants U.S. nukes out

Reuters has printed excerpts from the coalition agreement between German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats and Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle's free democrats, which includes the following paragraph:

we will strive within (NATO) and with our American allies for a withdrawal of the last U.S. nuclear weapons from Germany.' 

An estimated 20 nuclear bombs are still based in Germany, a holdover from the United States' Cold War deterrence strategy. 

Hat tip: Joe Cirincione