Did the Tamil Tigers try to buy a nuke?

Via Joe Cirincione's Twitter feed, comes this intriguing story from the Press Trust of India. Kamuran Pathmanathan who took over leadership of the Tamil separatist group LTTE after the death of Velupillai Prabhakaran, only to be arrested a few weeks later, has made a startling claim:

In a startling disclosure, the detained LTTE chief Kumaran Pathmanathan has told investigators that the rebels had tried to acquire nuclear weapons and know-how to be used against the Sri Lankan army.

A media report has said that Pathmanathan who was recently arrested in South East Asian country has told interrogators that his organisation had tried to acquire nuclear weapons and technology from western countries.

"LTTE had been the first terrorist outfit that had tried to obtain nuclear power. Had they been successful in obtaining nuclear power, it would have flowed into the hands of other terror organisations too", the Nation newspaper said quoting military analysts.

It sounds like it could just be jailhouse boasting but it should be interesting to see if there's follow-up. 


Friday Photo: Germany launches giant solar projects

Spiegel reports:

This week, two of Germany's most important solar energy projects came online -- the second biggest solar power project in the world and one of the first solar thermal "power towers." The projects are part of the country's plan to provide 20 percent of its energy through renewable sources.

Officials flicked on the switch at two of Germany's most important new solar energy sites on Thursday. In the eastern state of Brandenburg, the world's second-largest solar energy project went online. And halfway across the country, in North Rhine-Westphalia, a smaller scale but perhaps equally important facility launched -- Germany's first solar-thermal power plant.