Huckabee rejects a two-state solution

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and Republican presidential hopeful, has never been known for his foreign-policy prowess. Wonder why?

At a junket hosted by a far-right Israeli religious group, he rejected a two-state solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict. The two-state solution both Israeli and Palestinian leaders say they want. The two-state solution virtually every U.S. politician, conservative or liberal, supports. The two-state solution essentially the entire world agrees offers the best hope for peace.


Spain's health minister kisses own advice goodbye

Spanish Health Minister Trinidad Jimenez launched a new health campaign with recommendations to guard against the spread of swine flu by encouraging people to wash hands frequently, avoid sharing glasses and to refrain from kissing where possible. But just moments before she made her statement, the minister was caught kissing news conference assistants twice on the cheek. Though a common social custom, local media wasted no time in capturing the irony, as weekend papers splashed pictures of Jimenez failing to practice what she preached. To date, Spain has accredited 11 deaths to the virus, giving it the second highest fatality rate in Europe.