Did Sudan's spy chief just get sacked?

Sudan's president has allegedly replaced Salah Gosh, the veteran chief of the country's National Intelligence and Security Services, with the organization's deputy general manager.

It's not clear why the switch was made; the BBC reports only that Gosh has now been named President Omar al-Bashir's "adviser."

Gen. Mohamed Atta al-Mawla is in his early fifties and holds a degree in engineering, according to one Sudanese newspaper. In 1992, Mawla signed on with the country's national security bureau and has been working in government ever since, even serving a year-long stint at the Sudanese embassy in Kenya.

His most curious position? "Peace advisory secretary-general."


Golf and rugby in the Olympics?

Officials from the International Olympic Committee have narrowed the list of sports they're considering adding to the 2016 Summer Games:

The board will submit golf and rugby sevens -- a faster-paced version of the standard 15-a-side game -- for ratification by the full 106-member IOC assembly in Copenhagen in October.

Among the rejected sports were baseball, softball, squash, karate and something called "roller sports."

Whatever the outcome of the IOC's final vote, one thing is clear: Hugo Chavez ain't gonna be too pleased about this one.