Fidel: Give Hillary a Nobel Prize

In his most recent newspaper column, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro blasts Nobel laureate Oscar Arias's mediation efforts in Honduras and sarcastically proposes giving Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a prize for her contributions on behalf of yanki imperialism:

Seen from another angle and returning to things prevailing in the real world, where the dominant empire exists and close to 200 sovereign states are having to battle with all kinds of conflicts and political, economic, environmental, religious and other interests, it only remains to give a prize to the brilliant yanki idea of thinking of Oscar Arias in order to gain time, consolidate the coup and demoralize the international agencies that supported Zelaya. [...]

Now the coup leaders are already moving within Latin America’s oligarchic circles, some of which, in their high state positions, no longer blush when speaking of their sympathies toward the coup, and imperialism is fishing in the troubled waters of Latin America. Exactly what the United States wanted with the peace initiative, while it accelerated negotiations to surround the homeland of Bolívar with military bases.

One must be fair, and while we are waiting for the last word of the people of Honduras, we should demand a Nobel Prize for Mrs. Clinton.

Perhaps Fidel has been reading Ronald Krebs.

Also on the Cuba front, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo sees Raul Castro's recent statements as evidence that he's interested in Chinese style reforms:

[E]verything indicates that Fidel's brother wants to promote reforms in the Chinese style that involve an opening in the economy without changing the political structure. In other words, Castro is willing to institute a free market and private property, but not to hold democratic elections or foster freedom of expression.


Friday Photo: The Wookey Hole Witch Hunt

Jobseekers audition for the role of a resident witch at Wookey Hole Caves on July 28 2009 in Wells, England. The Somerset tourist attraction is looking for a new witch to teach visitors about witchcraft and magic after its previous employee retired and it will come with a salary of 50,000 GBP pro rata. The job advert, which was advertised earlier this month states that the successful applicant 'must be able to cackle' and 'must not be allergic to cats'. and has recieved 2,319 applications as well as 23 letters of complaint from church or religious groups. Legend has it that the caves were home to the Wookey Witch who was turned to stone by Father Bernard who had been appointed by the Abbott of Glastonbury to rid villagers of her curse.
Matt Cardy/Getty Images