Al Qaeda needs a bailout

Here's one nice consequence of the Great Recession, the global terror network is low on funds:

Al-Qaida's top commander in Afghanistan urged Turkish Muslims in a new audio message to send money to militants fighting coalition troops in the country, saying they are low on funds.

Mustafa Abu al-Yazeed said many militants in Afghanistan are unable to fight because they lack the necessary equipment.

"And we, here in Afghanistan, are needy of money," al-Yazeed said in the message released Wednesday. "And the reason for the weakness of the operations here is the inadequacy of equipment."

U.S.-led efforts to disrupt terrorist financing deserve some credit, but it's not much of a stretch to think that some AQ donors may have been cleaned out during the Persian Gulf's ongoing economoic slump.


Focal Point: Raise the Last Glass

The latest video from PBS Wide Angle's ongoing online series, Focal Point:

In January 2009, Waterford Crystal went bankrupt. The company’s main factory, in Waterford, Ireland, was closed, and 480 people were fired. Many of them had worked there for more than forty years. But the Waterford workers refused to give up their jobs without a fight. They staged a sit-in that lasted for almost two months, demanding that they get their jobs back or, at the very least, that some manufacturing of this iconic brand remain in Ireland. FOCAL POINT’s Raise the Last Glass follows two Waterford workers as they fight to save both their jobs and a bit of Irish heritage.