Taiwan court upholds "right to look good"

Concerned toupee wearers everywhere will be heartened to hear the latest hairpiece news from Taiwan:

A man who tore the wig off a telegenic Taiwan legislator last year was sentenced to five months in jail for depriving the MP of his freedom to look good, a court spokesman said Tuesday.

Chiu Yi (shown above arguing with police during voting in the 2004 elections) is a sometimes-controversial Chinese Nationalist Party politician, known for his many accusations against the opposing Democratic Progressive Party. But freedom of expression took a new form in this case:

"The judge thought Chiu Yi had the freedom to wear what he wanted, and Chiu felt the wig made him look prettier," court spokesman Huang Chin-ming said. "The judge thinks that to remove it intentionally was to take away that right."

Remember, don't hate someone because they're beautiful



BNP leader inspires egg-throwing

Prime Minister Gordon Brown isn't the only one receiving some abuse in British politics. The British National Party experienced success in the EU elections yesterday with two party members winning seats in the British Parliament -- far-right BNP leader Nick Griffin is now a target of the opposition's disapproval.

Today, Griffin had eggs thrown at him at a press conference by protesters as they shouted "off our streets Nazi scum!" and chased him down the street. In response, the party leader said:

They are silly left wing students, lecturers and probably civil service parasites off on their lunch break. This is a mob for hire. This does not represent the normal people...

I will recommend they prosecute the people who are arranging illegal protests like this. Anyone who seeks to use violence for political ends is well on the road to Zimbabwe and Britain is well on its way to that at the moment."

When Griffin stood to make his acceptance speech after winning a seat for the northwest region yesterday, the other candidates left the stage in protest. In 1998, Griffin was convicted of incitement to racial hatred.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images