Welcome to Beirut's Hugo Chavez restaurant

If you were worried that Hugo Chavez's global reach would shrink right along with the oil prices, there good news for your today, as Lebanon inaugurates the Hugo Chavez shawarma spot. The Venezuelan ambassador was on site for the "emotional" opening of the restaurant, replete with great festivity all around.

The restaurant, it seems, is quite patriotic indeed -- decorated with flags and pictures of the Venezuelan president and, nearby as the press release from the Embassy put it (my translation), "instructions of our head of state relating to the fight for the sovereignty of the oppressed people of the world against the pretensions of potential imperialists."

What atmosphere! Add the waiters' red shirts and hats, clothes traditional to Venezuela, and you've go the whole deal. Now, I just wonder how good the shawarma is.


What happens in Dubai, gets you arrested in Dubai

Adulterers might want to avoid the Emirates city in the future:

A British couple have been jailed in Dubai for two months for committing adultery.

Sally Antia, 44, was arrested with Mark Hawkins, 43, a construction manager from Manchester, as they left the five-star Radisson Blu Hotel on May 2.

They were today sentenced to two months in jail, to be followed by deportation. They will be released in four weeks' time, after the judge took into account the one month they have already spent in custody[...]

It is understood that Mrs Antia’s husband, Vincent, 48, also believed to be British, had informed police in Dubai of his wife's relationship with Mr Hawkins. Divorce proceedings are under way between the couple.

This is not the first adultery arrest to be making news in Britain either: another woman, Marnie Pearce, is still fighting deportation and custody battles after spending three months in jail earlier this year. Perhaps a French beach in the future?

Alan Cordova/Flickr