Latvian farmers are the Ozzy Osbourne of European agriculture

I must say, this is kinda metal:

The agriculture minister of Latvia has been forced to resign in the wake of growing protests by farmers, while the government faces a no-confidence vote.

Minister Martins Roze announced his resignation even as the cabinet agreed a big rescue package for farmers.

On Tuesday they picketed the agriculture ministry and delivered cows' heads in a coffin.

I'd probably resign after that too. Totally gross, probably NSFW picture here. 

On a more serious note, Latvia's government faces a no-confidence vote today over its handling of the economy. Will it be the first government on our "next Iceland" list to fall? Stay tuned. 


Badminton diplomacy dead on arrival

The Iranian government has denied visas to the U.S. women's badminton team, who were scheduled to take part in an international tournament in Tehran in February. Iran's Foreign Ministry blamed a "time consuming" visa process.

Given the diplomatic significance of the the trip, it seems like the ministry probably could have expedited the process if it really wanted to. You have to wonder if something about the event made Iranian authorities nervous. The tournament was already going to be restricted to only female spectators so that international players could wear their normal uniforms rather than the hijabs and long sleeves worn by Iranian players. U.S. and Iranian men's wrestling teams compete frequently without any apparent visa difficulties.

Photo: LAURENT FIEVET/AFP/Getty Images