End of the world postponed until 2009

The number 7 spot on our list of the worst predictions for 2008 belongs to Dr. Walter Wagner, a leading proponent of the theory that the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland could destroy the entire planet. Several readers have written in to point out that the LHC actually broke down in September before it was fully operational and the most "dangerous" partical collisions could occur. My friend Ben Regenspan of the Huffington Post's humor site 23/6, writes:

In fairness to the guy who warned about the Large Hadron Collider, when it was still turned on they never had a chance to do any of the interesting things that he thought could destroy the world. It broke after doing some boring warm-up tests. My prediction is the world ends when it comes back online in 2009.
I still feel pretty confident about this one. But if the world does end, we promise to issue a correction and a full apology.


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