Last chance to serenade a Norwegian village

Unsworn Industries

If you've ever had a burning desire to have your voice projected through a megaphone in Norway, today is your last chance.

This summer, a group of artists erected a 23-foot-tall, wind-powered "telemegaphone" on top of a mountain in western Norway that overlooks the village of Dale and a scenic fjord. Dial 47 90 369389, and your voice will be projected through the telemegaphone and across the scenic Nordic landscape. Sing, yell, yodel, pontificate. Better yet, play a concerto.

Today's the last day, however. Tomorrow, Sept. 6, the telemegaphone is being turned off -- deer season is commencing.


A visual comparison of the four acceptance speeches

There's nothing scientific about word clouds, but they're still fun to pick apart. Here's a handy look at word clouds made from each of the four candidate's acceptance speeches. The clouds were generated with the help of

Hmm, what words are missing from these speeches? Afghanistan? Diplomacy? Surge?

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