A visual comparison of the four acceptance speeches

There's nothing scientific about word clouds, but they're still fun to pick apart. Here's a handy look at word clouds made from each of the four candidate's acceptance speeches. The clouds were generated with the help of

Hmm, what words are missing from these speeches? Afghanistan? Diplomacy? Surge?

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Where's the war, senator?


Given how central foreign policy and national security issues have been to McCain's campaign, I find it very odd that he chose not to discuss the two wars that the United States is currently fighting. Afghanistan was not even mentioned and Iraq was only brought up in the context of his past support for the surge. There was nothing about future plans or strategy in either country.

At the same time, McCain devoted an entire paragraph to the struggles of Georgia, a conflict that is certainly not trivial, but I suspect ranks fairly low on most Americans' list of priorities.

It almost gave the impression that McCain has gotten bored with the old wars and is looking for the next big thing. A strange choice for such a speech.