Can you tell the difference between an Aussie and a Kiwi?

Here's a creative and fun game put together by the Language Trainers Group, a company that offers private language courses: Can you guess where my accent is from?

I scored a lousy 18 points for answering just six of 16 questions correctly.

And while we're playing games, check out the fake drug game on On that one, I'm undefeated. Think you can tell fake medicines from the real ones? Give it a try.

(Hat tip: The Very Short List)


U.S.-China relations take a hit in Olympic baseball


Baseball may be on the way out as an Olympic sport, but observers anticipating the eventual clash of civilizations between the United States and China may have seen a sneak preview on the diamond Monday:

The U.S. beat China 9-1 in the Olympics Monday night, and it was awful. China’s pitchers hit five U.S. batters, sending one to the hospital. U.S. baserunners plowed over two China catchers, likely knocking one out of the Games.

While some reporters at the scene think "Our relations with China were nearly broken at the plate," I wouldn't go that far. After all, the manager of the Chinese team -- who was ejected from Monday's game -- is an American who has been helping establish the national pastime in China since 2003. Personally, I'm still more outraged about the Chinese gymnasts.