Outsource your homework to India

More outsourcing to India. This time, it's homework:

Students studying computing in the UK and US are outsourcing their university coursework to graduates in India and Romania. Work is being contracted out for as little as £5 on contract coding websites usually used by businesses. Students are outsourcing everything from simple coursework to full blown final year dissertations. It's causing a major headache for lecturers who say it is almost impossible to detect."

Slashdot's CmdrTaco cracks,"The irony, of course, is that if they actually get jobs in the sector, this will be how they actually work anyway."


Quotable: Defining expectations down

Wow. Could South Africa set the bar any lower?

Mr. Mbeki and his team are even now scrambling to salvage a negotiated political settlement, and on Wednesday South Africa's deputy foreign minister, Aziz Pahad, told reporters, "We can only say the mediation has failed if we reach a situation where Zimbabwe totally gets engulfed in a state of civil war."

Try this expectations-setting strategy on your boss today: "We can only say that my work has failed if the office explodes in a searing ball of white-hot fire."