It's raining cash in Indonesia

Money may not grow on trees, but from time to time it does fall from the sky:

AFP/Getty Images

That was the scene earlier today in Serang, a town 40 miles outside of Jakarta, where Indonesian businessman and author chose to promote his new book by dropping 100 million rupiahs (more than $10,000) from the sky. By American standards, that's actually a pretty cheap way to get massive global publicity, even if you account for the cost of the plane and pilot.


Quotable: Gates accuses Burmese junta of 'criminal neglect'

Give U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates the prize for understatement of the weekend while discussing the tragic situation in Burma:

When asked whether the Myanmar government's actions were tantamount to genocide, Mr. Gates stopped short of that accusation. "This is more akin, in my view, to criminal neglect," he said.

Criminal neglect? You're kidding -- I always thought that Burma's xenophobic junta sponsored some of the best healthcare programs in the world.