Portuguese words to go the Brazilian way

Portugal, once a mighty world power, has given in to its former colony, Brazil, when it comes to spelling. Its parliament voted Friday to standardize the Portuguese language and spell words the Brazilian way. It also added three letters to the alphabet -- k, w, and y. The president is expected to approve the change.

The benefits: easier Internet searches, a uniform language for legal documents and international contracts, and less headache for textbook publishers. The drawback: wounded Portuguese pride.


More of the worst foreign policy clichés

A number of readers have responded to my list of the most clichéd quotes and references in foreign policy writing with a few worthy entries of their own. Here are five more:

Sen. Arthur Vandenberg: "Politics stops at the water's edge.

From Charlie_B.

"Only Nixon could go to China."

From benadair.

Descriptions of the Balkans as "the powder-keg of Europe."

From la.

"The Clash of Civilizations"

From kadhi.

Neville Chamberlain: "Peace for our time."

From vjvalk. (And as one of Chris Matthew's guests proved last week, often commentators who talk about Chamberlain have no idea what he actually did.)

Keep 'em coming!