Moscow's fashionistas go underground

Last May, Passport noted that a Russian developer had purchased a disused Cold War bunker built by Stalin and planned to turn it into a "luxury leisure complex" complete with hotel, retail space, movie theater, restaurant and spa (click here to see cool photos from before the remodel).

Known as Tagansky Protected Command Point, the bunker lies 180 meters below Moscow and is even rumored to have been the operation center for the Soviet regime during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Most recently, though, it played host to a bunch of post-communist, counter-culture, urban-chic, fashion-designing ravers.

In January, the Russian clothing label White.Trash.For.Cash held an "underground" (pun intended) fashion show and rave deep below earth's surface. The organizers intend to put the Russian fashion scene 'on notice':

One of the group's designers, Maxim Kushnaryov, said the choice of location was "a political statement," and served to "show our opposition to the whole fashion scene in Russia."

Ouch. Perhaps Kushnaryov is taking a page from Gorby's book on how to deliver scathing political commentary through fierce fashion statements.

At any rate, to see what an underground Moscow rave is like, check out this video from the night of the show, VJ'd by a future "Yo MTV Bunkers" host.