Blair couldn't get into Harvard

Former British prime minister wait-listed, encouraged to reapply next year:

Yale University is pleased to announce the appointment of Prime Minister Tony Blair as the Howland Distinguished Fellow for the next academic year. Mr. Blair will lead a seminar at Yale and participate in a number of events around the campus. The course in which he will participate with Yale faculty will examine issues of faith and globalization."

UPDATE: On a serious note, check out Passport contributor James Forsyth's comments on why giving Blair a sinecure at a U.S. university would be bad for America.


McCain camp: "Please keep running those 3:00 A.M. ads"

That's how Randy Scheunemann, who is overseeing foreign policy issues for John McCain's campaign, just summed up the obvious in a Council on Foreign Relations event here in Washington. After Mara Rudman, who is advising Hillary Clinton, very briefly addressed the issue of Clinton's foreign policy experience, Scheunemann chimed in with:

Please keep running those 3:00 A.M. ads about who you want to answer the phone, because we like those."

In other words, the more Clinton and Obama keep talking about how inexperienced the other is, the more it sticks for both.

Interestingly, Rudman highlighted Clinton's "travel and experiences on the ground" as first lady as proof that she's ready to answer that phone. If that's the "commander in chief threshold" that Clinton keeps talking about, it sounds pretty thin to me. At least as thin as Obama's argument that he lived for a while in Indonesia, and that somehow qualifies him to handle the complexities of the Middle East peace process, serve as commander in chief, and execute the other national security responsibilities of the Oval Office. In a dogfight with John McCain, Clinton and Obama had better have more bullets in the gun than that.