How to make a terrorist cry

One of last night's Academy Award winners was Taxi to the Dark Side, which took home the Oscar for best documentary. It's a gripping film that centers on the fate of Dilawar, an Afghan man who was wrongly swept into the U.S. detention system and beaten to death accidentally by stressed-out, undertrained prison guards.

FP recently spoke with former FBI Special Agent Jack Cloonan, one of the experts interviewed for the film, about his own experience interrogating real al Qaeda detainees. You don't have to use force to make a terrorist break down and cry, Cloonan says -- just brains. Check out how to do it here.


U.S. Army turns to Disney for help

The U.S. Army is paying Disney $800,000 to turn frowns upside down at Walter Reed Hospital. Can it be long before Disney is helping to win hearts and minds in Iraq and Afghanistan, too?