The world's most expensive vanity license plate

RUD14ME? That's the question people in the United Arab Emirates who covet the vanity license plate with the single digit "1" must be asking themselves. The "1" license plate is going up for auction and is expected to end up as the world's most expensive license plate. The number "5" has already sold for a record $6.75 million. I guess those willing to plunk down millions for a vanity plate have the philosophy that U LIV 1S.


Morning Brief, Tuesday, February 5

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Decision '08

It's Super Tuesday, folks. Millions of voters in 24 states go to the polls. Good primers and updates here and here.  

Middle East

Iraq hoisted a new temporary national flag above its parliament, but (surprise!) not everyone is happy about it. 

The World Bank says education in Arab states needs urgent reform

Israel's defense minister says he won't quit over the handling of the 2006 war with Lebanon. 


The death toll in Kenya hits 1000.  

Thousands pour out of Chad's capital, though fighting between rebels and government forces has slowed. Sarkozy says France is willing to intervene militarily.  

Mugabe gets a challenger in the March poll in Zimbabwe. 


China releases a Hong Kong journalist held on spying charges. A sign of things to come before the Olympics? 

Does the case of the first Gitmo detainee to die there of natural causes show that the U.S. doesn't really know whom it is holding?


Britain finds 5 men guilty of helping the failed London bombers, who plotted attacks in the weeks after 7/7. 

Is Berlusconi headed back to power in Italy? 


Las Vegas bookies took a beating on the Super Bowl.  

Climate scientists identify nine areas on the planet as global warming tipping points

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