To get from DC to Moscow, take the red line to Istanbul

Check out this very cool map, which was on a promotional e-card for a new book being published by Penguin called Transit Maps of the World:

world metro map
(Click for a larger version)

Based on the famous London Underground map, this map contains the major cities of the world that have underground transportation. It also has the same fun distortions that the Tube map has to make everything fit. For example, to get from Tehran to Dubai, one must go through Haifa. And Pyongyang appears to be south of Tokyo, when in fact the opposite is true. The map also cleverly reflects what's actually going on in certain parts of the world. Most of Africa is "Under Construction" and Siberia is a giant wasteland for public transportation.

Too bad this map isn't available for purchase. I'd rather have this for Christmas than the actual book it's promoting, although that looks pretty cool too.

(Hat tip: BKNY 2.0)


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