Bush suffers from foot-in-Crocs disease

U.S. President George W. Bush has so many problems to deal with, from the war in Iraq to nukes in North Korea to genocide in Sudan. Now he has a new, more personal problem to face: He made the fashion faux pas of wearing Crocs with socks.

Fashion commentators have been going off about a photo taken earlier this month in which the commander in chief is wearing black shorts, a white shirt, a baseball cap with an "unidentified" Scottish terrier on it (how cute!), black socks with the presidential seal printed on them (yes, they make those), and (gasp!) black, Cayman-style, $29.99 Crocs clogs.

For those unfamiliar with Crocs, they are chunky, plastic-resin, rubberlike clogs with heel straps and ventilation holes (which are referred to as an "advanced toe-box ventilation system" on the Crocs website). They were initially designed to be worn on boats. The ventilation holes let air circulate and allow water to drain out of the shoes. Wearing the clogs with socks—presidential seal on them or not—defeats the purpose.

Crocs may have the president's seal of approval, but at least one famous shoe blogger has declared the fashion misstep as grounds for impeachment. Here's a close-up of Bush's fashion disaster:

Pool/Getty Images News


Friday Photo: Hollow victory in Lebanon?

After four bloody weeks of fighting, the Lebanese military says it has "crushed" Fatah al-Islam, the jihadist group that had been holed up in a Palestinian refugee camp in the north of the country. That's certainly great news. But here's what the camp, Nahr al-Bared ("cold river" in Arabic), looked like yesterday: