Numbers: The nuclear fuel crunch

35%Demand for nuclear fuel currently not being met by nuclear fuel production worldwide [link]
4xAmount China plans to increase its production of nuclear energy by 2020 [link]
3Number of new nuclear power plants China needs to build per year until 2020 to meet that goal [link]
Number of nuclear reactors currently in operation worldwide [link]
Number of new nuclear power plants to be constructed in the next 10 years [link]
8Number of countries that produce 80 percent of the world's uranium supply [link]
$64Spot price of 1 lb of uranium (U308) in November, 2006 [link]
$95Spot price of 1 lb of uranium (U308) on March 23, 2007 [link]
$1,787Approximate cost of 1 kg of processed reactor-grade uranium, January 2007 [link]

billion years

Half-life of Uranium 238 [link]


Tuesday Map: Baghdad, bomb by bomb

The BBC has a cheery new tool, "Mapping the Violence," that shows Baghdad since the spring of 2003, month by month, bombing by bombing. The underlying data is a combination of civilian casualty figures from the Iraqi Body Count website and the BBC's own reporting. Below is a map from November 2006:

The good news is that while an average of 1,656 civilians were killed in November, December, and January, attacks are down significantly since then. Just 446 civilians were killed in February, according to the website. Does that mean the surge is working?