Numbers: The nuclear fuel crunch

35%Demand for nuclear fuel currently not being met by nuclear fuel production worldwide [link]
4xAmount China plans to increase its production of nuclear energy by 2020 [link]
3Number of new nuclear power plants China needs to build per year until 2020 to meet that goal [link]
Number of nuclear reactors currently in operation worldwide [link]
Number of new nuclear power plants to be constructed in the next 10 years [link]
8Number of countries that produce 80 percent of the world's uranium supply [link]
$64Spot price of 1 lb of uranium (U308) in November, 2006 [link]
$95Spot price of 1 lb of uranium (U308) on March 23, 2007 [link]
$1,787Approximate cost of 1 kg of processed reactor-grade uranium, January 2007 [link]

billion years

Half-life of Uranium 238 [link]


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