What was Cheney crackberrying during the State of the Union?

Was it just us, or was Dick Cheney texting during the big speech? What was so important?

Our guess:

Cheney: U R soooo lucky.

Gonzalez: Tell me about it.

Cheney: I 4got, no red wine. Furniture @ [undisclosed location] isn't scotch-guarded.

Gonzalez: n/p. btw, I tried on your power ties... So where do you keep the launch codes?

Cheney: Check next to the Wii.

Gonzalez: I still haven't spotted Hastert.

Cheney: Denny, where R U?

HouseSpeaker4Eva: I can't see. I'm sitting behind Dikembe Mutombo.

Cheney: Yo, we miss U up here big guy.


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