Memo to the neocons: WaPo needs ideas

So, several of us picked up the Washington Post Outlook section yesterday morning, as we usually do. There, we happened upon a piece by AEI conservative Joshua Muravchik, a self-described "dyed-in-the-wool" neocon, on how the neocons can, as he says, "get their groove back." What an interesting idea...

...that we published almost six weeks ago - by the same author. In fact, Muravchik's piece on how the neocons can save themselves appears in the current issue of FP and graces the homepage of What's more (and we're going to pull back the curtain a bit here), it was an idea that was first dreamed up by the editors of FP. In fact, we shopped it around to several neocons (none of whom were eager to make the case) before Muravchik signed on to write it.

Guess the editors at Outlook liked the piece so much they thought it should be published twice. We'll just keep in mind that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Be sure to check out these stories for future Outlook fodder.

Neocon Memo


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