Chirac hypocrite, Pope Catholic

ChiracFrench President Jacques Chirac used his Bastille Day interview to criticize Israel's response as "totally disproportionate." Yet in a speech earlier this year, Chirac announced that France was prepared to nuke any country that sponsored a terrorist attack against its interests. In the interview Chirac also declared: "But I have the sentiment, if not the conviction, that the Hamas, the Hezbollah could not have taken these initiatives completely alone. And therefore, that there is support somewhere from this or that nation." So, logically he couldn't call even an Israeli nuclear strike on Iran and Syria disproportionate. Unless that is, there's one rule for France and one for everybody else. Guess those French principles aren't so universal after all.


Love your children, teach them well

From today's BBC News: 

Sesame Street helps army children

US children's TV show Sesame Street is to be used to help American military families explain why a parent has to leave to serve overseas.

A DVD featuring popular character Elmo and his parents who are preparing for Elmo's dad to be deployed, will be handed out for free in August.  The DVD, produced in both English and Spanish, also features interviews with real-life families.

And, from today's New York Daily News:

Narcs: Open 'Sesame'

Gang busted as cops find dope in Elmo box.

Here's an Elmo adventure you won't see on "Sesame Street." A $1 million-a-year Bronx drug ring that shipped heroin in a Sing With Elmo doll box was busted yesterday, authorities said.  Seventeen suspected dealers were arrested after cops intercepted the smack in the toy box last week, as well as two other shipments of cocaine and marijuana. 


Brought to you from the Department of Gleeful Irony.